Anopheles stephensi

Anopheles stephensi by Jim Gathany 

Best mosquito repellent website is dedicated in providing you with the right information about mosquito repellents and the tactics to prevent mosquito bites and the disease  they can transmit. On this site, you’ll not only get information, about mosquito repellents, but you also find useful information about different option to keep mosquito away from you and your house. As with any product, mosquito repellents are only effective when they are applied properly and following the product label. Basically, a mosquito repellent is any product or device that repel mosquitoes and other home pests that pose a serious threat to humans and livestock. Repellents may not kill mosquito or other pests, but keep them away. There are several type of mosquito repellents:

1) Synthetic repellents

Most of these repellent are base on synthetic chemicals active ingredient such as DEET (N, N, diethyl meta toluamide), Picaridin, PMD. Others repellents use botanical derived active ingredients, or a combination with synthetic chemicals. Synthetic  and botanical repellents can have different formulations, including spray repellents (aerosols), creme and lotion repellents, mosquito repellent clothes. These types of clothes  are impregnated with long lasting insecticides, and therefore provide some sort of protections by repelling mosquitoes. Mosquito repellent clothes are not very common, but can be found on Amazon.

2) Repellent devices

There are number of devices that repel mosquitoes and other pests. They typically work by releasing continuous dose scent that repel mosquitoes. There are several electric and electronic devices that are available on the market, claiming to repel mosquitoes. Mosquito coils and candles  works by releasing smoke and scent that keep mosquitoes away from the surrounding  area. Recently there are report of smart phone apps that repel mosquitoes. However the efficiency of this app is not confirmed, we can only hope for the future that such technology can be apply to  help combat mosquitoes. 

3) Natural repellents

Many people prefer natural or organic products over synthetic chemicals when it comes to pest control. There are many natural products that help repel mosquitoes. Among them mosquito repellent plants such as citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, cinnamon, thyme, Greek catnip, soybean and many others. Having these plants in your back yard, can help keep mosquitoes at bay. Essential oils extracted from these plants can be applied as repellents.